OA Series is a film project about people and how they move through the world. We document and curate real stories about identity, love, companionship, mental health and vulnerability.

We believe that men can have healthier relationships with their communities and themselves if they see masculinity as a spectrum.

We’re growing our collection! If you know an interesting and outstanding person that you could see featured on OA, send us an email: marc@oaseries.com.


Omega Access (OA) is one of Movember Canada’s Men’s Health Partners. We are a non-profit media group dedicated to the idea that outstanding, real-world people can inspire a new generation to be open and live healthier lives.

Marc O’Brien

Creative Director

Marc is an illustrator and artist with a thirst for telling stories.


Matthew Cherkas

Program Director

Matt is a furniture and set designer with a passion for community building.